Reno Co. Tax Sale #39 Case #2021-CV-146

This list has been updated with redemptions as of: 10-26-21–66–3:01 p.m.

Auction held at Memorial Hall,
101 S. Walnut St., Hutchinson, KS
Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 9 a.m.

Item#TypeStreet AddressCity
6741Residential506 W. Ave. BHutchinson
6743Vacant0000 E. Carpenter St.Hutchinson
6747Vacant0000 S. Poplar St.Hutchinson
6748Vacant0000 E. Ave. FHutchinson
6752Vacant0000 Snokomo Cir.Hutchinson
6755Residential724 E. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
6756Residential617 E. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
6763Residential110 E. Reno St.Turon
6764Vacant1501 E. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
6767Residential603 W. 17th Ave.Hutchinson
6770Vacant0000 E. Ave. EHutchinson
6771Vacant (MH)0000 W. 1st Ave.Plevna
6772Vacant0000 S. Mardis St.Sylvia
6773Vacant0000 E. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
6774Vacant0000 E. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
6782Vacant0000 N. Grandview St.Hutchinson
6785Vacant511 N. Nickerson St.Nickerson
6787Vacant0000 W. 6th Ave.Hutchinson
6790Vacant0000 E. 4th Ave.Hutchinson
6793Residential3010 W. 4th Ave.Hutchinson
6796Residential126 N. Collingwood St.Pretty Prairie
6802Vacant (MH)206 E. Ave. FPartridge
6803Vacant0000 E. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
6811Residential422 E. Ave. CHutchinson
6812Vacant0000 E. 3rd Ave.Hutchinson
6814Vacant0000 E. 35th Ave.Hutchinson
6816Vacant905 E. 10th Ave.Hutchinson
6819Storage Shed300 S. Mill St.Arlington
6820Vacant207 E. Ave. GHutchinson
6821Vacant0000 E. Ave. BHutchinson
6822Vacant0000 W. Ave. GHutchinson
6823Vacant0000 W. Ave. G Hutchinson
6828Vacant514 E. Ave. CHutchinson
6829Vacant0000 N. Town St.Hutchinson
6840Residential531 E. Ave. BHutchinson
6848Residential704 N. Poplar St.Hutchinson
6850Vacant0000 W. Ave. FHutchinson
6851Residential407 N. Charles St.Turon
6852Vacant0000 E. Nebraska St.Turon
6854Residential418 E. Carpenter St.Hutchinson
6855Residential705 E. Ave. BHutchinson
6856Residential414 N. Obee Rd.Hutchinson
6857Vacant315 Woodard St.Hutchinson
6858Residential715 E. Ave. CHutchinson
6859Vacant0000 W. 5th Ave.Hutchinson
6864Residential524 E. Ave. DHutchinson
6865Vacant0000 E. Ave. DHutchinson
6866Vacant0000 E. Ave. DHutchinson
6867Vacant525 E. Ave. DHutchinson
6869Vacant0000 N. HomesteadHutchinson
6873Residential213 E. Campbell St.Hutchinson
6874Vacant0000 W. 6th Ave.Hutchinson
6875Residential315 E. Ave. FHutchinson
6876Residential217 E. Ave. FHutchinson
6877Residential802 E. 6th Ave.Hutchinson
6878Residential129 W. 10th Ave.Hutchinson
6879Residential115 E. 10th Ave.Hutchinson
6880Residential1326 E. 6th Ave.Hutchinson
6881Residential500 N. Green Garden Dr.Hutchinson
6882Residential412-414 E. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
6883Residential1621 E. 3rd Ave.Hutchinson
6884Residential701 E. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
6887Vacant129 W. 7th Ave.Hutchinson
6888Vacant0000 S. Poplar St.Hutchinson
6890Residential7315 N. Cottontail Dr.Hutchinson
6891Residential722 W. 8th Ave.Hutchinson

Note: There are no remaining properties subject to IRS redemption.

Effective Monday, October 4th, plat maps may be viewed at the R.E.I.B., Inc. office on Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding Columbus Day Holiday, Monday, October 11th).

1.         All bidders must register and obtain a number to be used during the auction.  Only individual persons or other legal entities will be allowed to register to bid.  Anyone wishing to register a partnership or corporation must have the exact name of the entity, have the authority to purchase property in its name and be prepared to identify the partners, officers, directors and stockholders.  (See #3 below)

2.         Property will not be sold to a person who is not present and has not registered as a bidder.

 3.         You cannot bid on any parcel if you were the owner at any time when any part of the tax lien became due.  Basically, if you have had some ownership connection with a sale property when the taxes became due, do not bid before checking your eligibility to buy.  If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to bid or the terms of sale, please ask any representative of Reno County or the auctioneers prior to commencement of the bidding process.

4.         If within ten (10) years any parcel of real estate purchased at this auction is transferred, sold or given to a person who had the right of redemption prior to sale, the person transferring the property may be liable for an amount equal to the original judgment lien against the property.

 5.         Terms of the sale:  CASH.  Only first party personal checks signed by the registered bidder on Kansas banks will be accepted, unless otherwise approved by the County Counselor.  Checks pre-signed by a party not present at the sale will not be accepted.  All checks will be deposited immediately by the Sheriff following the sale.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL subject to approval of the Court and any right of redemption allowed the IRS where applicable (See Paragraph 10 below).

6.         As a result of this Sheriff’s Sale, all 2020 and prior year’s taxes will be discharged.  The purchaser will be responsible for payment of all taxes and specials for 2020 and subsequent years.  With respect to properties located in any city, there may be mowing or other charges added to the 2021 taxes for work done from July 1, 2020 to June 1, 2021.  Mowing charges incurred after July 1, 2021, may appear on the 2022 tax statement.

7.         The Sheriff is selling real estate only.  He has no authority to sell personal property left on the premises, including mobile homes.  If there is personal property left on the premises, you may wish to seek the advice of an attorney regarding your rights and responsibilities.  The County Counselor will not provide you with legal advice.

8.         Property is sold AS IS.  Neither Reno County, the Sheriff, nor any of their agents, make any representation concerning the value, quality, condition, zoning limitations or potential uses of property offered for sale.  The buyer is solely responsible for all such determinations.

9.       A Sheriff’s Deed will be issued in the name of the registered bidder only.  A Sheriff’s Deed is similar to a Quitclaim Deed and marketable title is not guaranteed.  The property is sold subject to valid easements, covenants, restrictions of record, taxes and special assessments as indicated in paragraph 6 above, and the IRS redemption rights outlined below.  Purchasers of property subject to the IRS redemption right will not receive a deed until 120 days following sale or a refund if redemption occurs.  For other properties, expect three or up to four weeks before the Court approves the sale and your deed is filed.

10.        Although the Internal Revenue Service has a 120 day redemption period after the sale, the only property remaining in this sale in which the IRS has an interest is Item No. 6847.

11.        We will collect the fee charged by the Register of Deeds to record your Deed.  It will be $21.00 for the first page and more for additional pages.  Your deed will be filed directly with the Register of Deeds on your behalf.  After recording, the original deed will be mailed to you at the address you provide at the registration desk.

12.        REFUNDS.  In the event the Court does not confirm the sale of a parcel, or in the event the Court should later vacate or declare the sale to be invalid based upon a legal challenge, the Buyer is entitled only to a refund of the purchase money and the recording fee.  In all other instances, sales are final.

13.        TITLE INSURANCE.  You should consider the limitations on the issuance of title insurance on parcels purchased at a Sheriff’s Sale.  Most title companies will not issue a policy of title insurance on a tax sale property until one (1) year following the sale.  One title company with a Hutchinson office has established a policy that it will not issue a title insurance policy on any tax sale property for fifteen (15) years following the sale, if it concludes the property owner was not served personally with Summons.  You should be advised that Kansas law permits service by other means, including publication notice, if personal service cannot be obtained with due diligence.  There is at least one title company in Hutchinson which will insure the title after one (1) year if alternate service of Summons is made.

14.        If you have any questions or need additional information following the sale, you may call Joseph O’Sullivan or Dorothy Brunk at (620) 694-2535.          

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