Reno Co. Tax Sale #40 Case #2022-CV-000099

Updated with redemptions as of: 10-3-22

Auction held at Memorial Hall,
101 S. Walnut St., Hutchinson, KS
Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 9 a.m.

Item#TypeStreet AddressCity
6894Vacant0000 E. Ave. EHutchinson
6895Residential21505 W. 108th Ave.Sterling
6899*Residential215 W. Ave. BBuhler
6900Residential300 N. Burns St.Turon
6906Residential619 N. Plum St.Hutchinson
6908Residential1014 W. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
6909Vacant0000 E. 6th Ave.Hutchinson
6913Vacant0000 S. Elm St.Hutchinson
6914Vacant1302 E. 10th Ave.Hutchinson
6917Vacant0000 W. Sherman St.Hutchinson
6919Vacant 0000 E. 7th Ave.Hutchinson
6921*Vacant10919 S. Halstead St.Hutchinson
6922*Vacant0000 S. Halstead St.Hutchinson
6923Residential213 N. Sedgwick Ave.Haven
6926Vacant0000 E. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
6927Commercial1200 E. 4th Ave.Hutchinson
6930Vacant0000 E. Ave. EHutchinson
6931Residential718 E. Ave. FHutchinson
6932Vacant0000 W. Ave. AHutchinson
6935Residential1002 College Ln.Hutchinson
6939Residential (MH)7110 N. Tobacco Rd.Hutchinson
6943Vacant0000 W. 11th Ave.Hutchinson
6946Residential (Stg Shed)0000 N. Duffy Rd.Hutchinson
6947Residential213 S. Speare St.Nickerson
6948Vacant0000 S. Charles St.Turon
6949Residential1501 E. 9th Ave.Hutchinson
6951Vacant0000 E. Ave. BHutchinson
6954Residential610 S. Howard St.Hutchinson
6959Residential720 N. Buchanan St.Hutchinson
6964Vacant0000 W. Bigger St.Hutchinson
6965Vacant0000 W. Bigger St.Hutchinson
6966Residential27315 S. Victory Rd.Cheney
6967Vacant0000 S. Victory Rd.Cheney
6968Vacant0000 E. Harvey St.Hutchinson
6969Residential1831 E. 4th Ave.Hutchinson
6970Residential (MH)20614 S. Riverview Dr.Pretty Prairie
6971Residential806 E. 5th Ave.Hutchinson
6973Vacant0000 S. Lakeside Ave.Pretty Prairie
6979Residential4301-A Foothill Dr.Hutchinson
6980Residential300 E. Osborne St.Hutchinson
6985Vacant0000 W. Nickerson Blvd.Hutchinson
6987Residential201 E. Kansas St.Turon
6988Vacant0000 E. Ave. CHutchinson
6989Residential325 E. 8th Ave.Hutchinson
6992Vacant0000 E. Ave. FHutchinson
6994Residential608 N. Star St.Hutchinson
6997Agricultural0000 S. Willow St.Langdon
6998Residential0000 S. Front St.Langdon
6999Vacant0000 E. Pony Acres Dr.Hutchinson
7000Residential205 S. Orchard St.Arlington
7003*Residential (Stg Shed)5618 E. Vada Dr.Hutchinson
7004Vacant208 S. Cheney St.Nickerson
7007Residential2511-B E. 14th Ave.Hutchinson
7014Vacant0000 E. Ave. DSylvia
7018Residential527 W. Sherman St.Hutchinson
7019Residential1414 Eastland Dr.Hutchinson
7021Vacant0000 W. Ave. GHutchinson
7022Vacant0000 W. Ave. GHutchinson
7024Residential24 S. Carlo St.Hutchinson
7026Residential609 N. Bloomville Rd.Hutchinson
7028Residential625 W. Sherman St.Hutchinson
7030Vacant0000 S. Maple St.Hutchinson
7031Residential205 W. 1st Ave.Turon
7032Residential1414 N. Arthur St.Hutchinson
7034Vacant0000 E. Shelton Rd.Pretty Prairie
7037Residential910 N. Grant St.Hutchinson
7038Residential614 N. Grandview St.Hutchinson
7039Residential (Garage)0000 E. Mill St.Arlington
7040Residential1600 W. Blanchard Ave.South Hutchinson
7041Commercial201 S. Burns St.Turon
7044Residential124 E. 14th Ave.Hutchinson
7046Residential1603 E. 6th Ave.Hutchinson
7050Residential316 S. Mardis St.Sylvia
7052Residential709 E. 6th Ave.Hutchinson
7054Commercial111 S. Burns St.Turon
7055Residential206 E. Nebraska St.Turon

Note: Properties marked with * subject to IRS redemption.

Effective Monday, September 19th, plat maps may be viewed at the R.E.I.B., Inc. office on Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding Columbus Day Holiday, Monday, October 10th).



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