Reno Co. Tax Sale #41 Case #2023-CV-000130

List updated: 10-4-23–68

Auction held at Memorial Hall, 101 S. Walnut St., Hutchinson, KS
Thursday, October 12, 2023, 9 a.m.

Item #TypeStreet AddressCity
7056Vacant0000 Morris Rd.Hutchinson
7057Vacant0000 Morris Rd.Hutchinson
7058Vacant2713 Morris Rd.Hutchinson
7059Vacant0000 Morris Rd.Hutchinson
7060Vacant0000 Morris Rd.Hutchinson
7068Vacant1308 E. 5th Ave.Hutchinson
7069Vacant1216 E. 5th Ave.Hutchinson
7070Vacant0000 W. 8th Ave.Hutchinson
7074Residential1207 W. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
7078Vacant1410 E. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
7081Vacant0000 E. Park St.Hutchinson
7088Residential (MH)7103 Backacres Rd.Hutchinson
7093Vacant0000 E. Ave. CHutchinson
7095Vacant0000 S. Lincoln St.Arlington
7096Vacant0000 E. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
7098Vacant11816 W. 4th Ave.Nickerson
7100Vacant0000 N. Monroe St.Hutchinson
7104Residential204 N. Burns St.Turon
7106Residential712 E. 8th Ave.Hutchinson
7107Vacant0000 E. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
7108Vacant0000 E. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
7112Residential618 Molly MallHutchinson
7116Residential543 E. Ave. CHutchinson
7120*Commercial908 W. Nickerson Blvd.Hutchinson
7122Residential6990 E. 4th Ave.Hutchinson
7128Vacant0000 E. Ave. FHutchinson
7131Vacant109 N. Taylor St.Hutchinson
7133Vacant0000 E. Ave. D Hutchinson
7135Residential118 N. Hutchinson Ave.Haven
7140Residential613 E. Ave. BHutchinson
7141Vacant0000 E. Ave. BHutchinson
7142Residential (MH)707 E. Price Ave.Turon
7146Vacant0000 W. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
7147Vacant0000 E. Ave. FHutchinson
7155Residential601 W. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
7156Residential607 W. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
7157Residential109 S. Briggs St.Partridge
7160*Vacant0000 E. Ave. CHutchinson
7161*Vacant0000 E. Ave. GHutchinson
7175Vacant628 E. Ave. FHutchinson
7176Vacant527 N. Carey St.Hutchinson
7177Vacant0000 E. Ave. GHutchinson
7185Vacant0000 E. 3rd Ave.Hutchinson
7197*Commercial732 W. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
7198*Commercial6 E. 3rd Ave.Hutchinson
7199*Vacant21 N. Kansas Ave.South Hutchinson
7201Residential402 E. 1st Ave.Hutchinson
7208Vacant407 E. 2nd Ave. Hutchinson
7213Vacant215 E. Walker St.Hutchinson
7227Residential1004 E. Ave. BHutchinson
7228Residential221 S. Thompson St.Sylvia
7230Vacant0000 N. Chemical St.Hutchinson
7234Vacant0000 E. Sherman Ave.Hutchinson
7235Residential635 W. Sherman Ave.Hutchinson
7243Agricultural0000 S. Brownlee Rd.Sylvia
7247Vacant0000 W. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
7250Residential800 N. Morgan St.Nickerson
7253Commercial22 E. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
7257Residential304 E. 6th Ave.Hutchinson
7262Residential310 S. Elm St.Pretty Prairie
7263Residential (MH)107 W. Fair St.Arlington
7264Residential214 N. Star St.Hutchinson
7266Vacant0000 W. Sherman Ave.Hutchinson
7268Residential2620 E. 2nd Ave.Hutchinson
7269Residential125 S. Plum St.Pretty Prairie
7275Residential404 E. Ave. CHutchinson
7283Residential711 E. Ave. AHutchinson
7286Residential (MH)4100 S. Yoder Rd.Hutchinson
Properties marked with * subject to IRS redemption. (See Bidder Instructions #9)



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