Ronal “Ron” L. Gingerich has retired from the appraisal side of the business. 

Ralph “Doc” E. Gingerich has actively been involved in appraising real estate and personal property since 1973.  Doc became a State Licensed Real Property Appraisers since its inception in 1991, License Number L-240.

  • Active member of Local, State, & National Association of Realtors since 1973
  • Completed Real Estate Institute & Kansas Association of Realtors Courses in Residential and Commercial Appraising

Appraisal Coverage Areas:

  • By County:  Reno-all, Rice-partial, Harvey-partial, McPherson-partial
  • By City:  Abbyville, Arlington, Buhler, Burrton, Castleton, Haven, Hutchinson, Inman, Langdon, Lyons, Medora, Nickerson, Partridge, Plevna, Pretty Prairie, South Hutchinson, Sterling, Turon, Yoder
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