Why Choose R.E.I.B.?

R.E.I.B., Inc. Auctioneers

Once you contact us, you can begin to relax and rest assured that your auction will be handled properly.  We will immediately begin to plan your auction.

With your assistance, we begin with an inventory of your auction items, including photographs of interesting merchandise to enhance readership of your auction advertising.

We will sit down with you and plan an advertising campaign that will put your property in the spotlight before auction day arrives.  We also have extensive mailing lists in specific areas and we use them to promote your auction.

The day of the auction, relax!  We are sympathetic toward your feelings about the selling of your property and our auctioneers, ring men, clerks, and cashiers will take charge and create action, excitement, bids, and  sales.  Which will result in instant dollars for your property and a prompt cash settlement for you.

As you realize, it requires time and planning to conduct a successful auction.  We have the time and we have a plan.

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