Why Sell at Auction?

  • Competition is stimulated at an auction.
  • The highest price can be obtained.
  • You sell whenever you wish.
  • At auction, the price is established by more than one person.
  • The auction method is fairest because all have an equal chance.
  • Auction advertising is effective.
  • Bidders prepare for action.
  • Bidders appreciate using their own judgment.
  • The auction method is the most fascinating way to sell.
The auction method is recognized as the modern, surest, quickest, most convenient, and most effective system to sell in America today. When you sell at auction the spotlight of publicity is thrown on your property, giving it individuality above all others on sale day. It is a fascinating way with the public and concentrates attention, interest, desire, energy and action.

The auction gives buyers an equal chance.  Bidders appreciate using their own judgment, but are often influenced to pay more when property is appraised by a gathering of several bidders.  Being influenced by the judgment of others stimulates competition.  One buyer wants what the others want, and the result is the highest possible price for property.  For immediate action consider the auction method.
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